PTO01: The Homeless Take Over the OC

The Homeless Take Over the OC

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Episode Summary

In this episode the guys read an article about homelessness in Orange County and then give their perspective on what the author says. The discussion gets interesting as the guys agree with some parts of the article, but call into question the author\'s motives.


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The Homeless Take Over the OC

The article being discussed in today\'s episode is The Upside of Visible Homelessness in Orange County: We Can\'t Pretend We Are Better Than Everyone.

Collin rants about the stupidity on the internet (0:48)

People think the definition of opinion is whatever they want it to be (1:03)

Do genitals define who you vote for? (2:10)

People cannot back up what they say (2:40)

#metoo discussion (3:50)

Victim shaming (5:25)

Start of the article on homelessness (5:29)

Why no solution offered? (12:07)

The plan from the Board of Supervisors isn\'t working (14:29)

Santa Ana River issue (15:40)

The political reason why they won\'t solve this issue (16:16)

Homeless statistics: The Reality (18:10)

Alfresco Gardens concept (21:46)

Let\'s actually solve the problem (28:07)

Why not make some tough decisions? (28:27)

Collin for President 2020 (34:50)

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The Upside of Visible Homelessness in Orange County: We can\'t pretend we\'re better than everyone

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