PTO02: Proposition 64 and Legal Marijuana

Proposition 64 and Legal Marijuana

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Episode Summary

In this episode there is a discussion about the effect of legal marijuana in California after the passage of Proposition 64. Myths are busted and the money trail is discussed.


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Proposition 64 and Legal Marijuana

Permits will be issued January 1, 2018 (0:48)

56% Yes vote (1:10)

Where will the money go (1:40)

Collin has his doubts (2:17)

Gas tax scam (4:00)

Libertarian Party was against Proposition 64 (4:40)

Will generate funds to increase educational programs (4:58)

More highway fatalities, growing near schools and parks, erodes local control (5:29)

The proposition will hurt underprivileged neighborhoods (5:58)

Collin thinks the novelty will eventually wear off (8:15)

Handling driving while high (18:30)

The black market won\'t really be an issue (23:59)

The marketplace is segmented (24:20)

New feature coming to Peeling the Orange (32:30)

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