LR00-What is Liberty Revealed

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Show Summary

This is a simple introduction to Liberty Revealed. In this episode you will get a brief explanation of what to expect from this podcast going forward.


Show Notes

Hello and welcome to Liberty Revealed. I am your host, Mike Mahony. this is an introduction episode aimed at setting the stage for what you can expect from the show going forward.

I believe defining terms is important when entering into a discussion and a podcast about liberty is no different.

Liberty is defined as the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one\'s way of life, behavior, or political views. It can also be defined as the power or scope to act as one pleases.

I want to introduce you to liberty in depth. Every episode of this show will have personal liberty as its driving force. What does personal liberty mean anyway?

I live my life by the philosophy of personal liberty. I believe my rights end where your rights begin. I believe I can do whatever I would like in the privacy of my own home. As soon as I am in a position to come into contact with you, I must modify my behavior so as not to infringe upon your rights. A great way to think about personal liberty–you are free to swing your arms around madly right up until the point where you would strike me with your arms. That’s where your right to swing your arms madly ends. That is personal liberty and it conforms to a fair way of interacting with others.

It is my belief that if society completely understood and executed this topic the world would be a much better place to live. Personal liberty helps define how a civilized society should act. If every single person paid attention to this topic we would have less frustration in life. This, to me, is a fact. I cannot be convinced otherwise because in my lifetime I have experienced this over and over again. It is an indisputable fact for me that personal liberty is the key to calm interaction with the public.

As a registered Libertarian I want to teach you what it means to be a Libertarian. I plan to address every aspect of the Libertarian Party platform in the first group of episodes. At times I will have interview guests. Whether a solo episode or an interview, personal liberty will always be at the forefront of this podcast.

I hope that if you are a Libertarian you will continue to listen to each new episode as they are released. If you are not a Libertarian, my hope is that you will learn something from each new episode. Either way, please be sure to go and comment on each episode. Your comments will help drive the content for future episodes. This podcast is a passion of mine and I want as much feedback as I can get.

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