LR16: George Reis, Orange County Libertarian Party, Discusses Business Principles and Politics

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Liberty Revealed Episode 16 Show Summary

Mike is joined by George Reis, secretary of the Orange County Libertarian Party..

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Liberty Revealed Episode 16 Show Notes

Mike introduces George Reis, Orange County Libertarian Party Secretary and founder of the HB Liberty Club in Huntington Beach, California.

Mike reveals that he is friends with George. They work together at the HB Liberty Club.

Mike describes an email George sent to the core group from HB Liberty Club and the LPOC. The email discussed what we can learn from best practices for building a business and how to take that and build a viable party.

George explains he started listening to business-based podcasts. He wanted to learn from them and apply the ideas to his business. He also wondered if they could apply those ideas to Libertarian Party activism.

Mike discusses his visit to the state executive committee meeting and that they were so focused on Robert\'s Rules of Order that they missed the point.

George discusses the book \”No Fail Meetings\” by Michael Hyatt.

Mike discusses how most people don\'t grasp that being prepared ahead of time helps a meeting go smoothly.

George points out there must always be a goal attached.

Mike relays his experience as a CTO with a delivery service. He discusses management without authority. He likens it to handling volunteers.

George says that empowering volunteers is the key. He mentions the Ritz Carlton\'s policy about customer care.

George explains how in a volunteer organization, everyone is autonomous, but they are not given details about how they can use that autonomy.

Mike relates to George a time when he was a retail manager and he would empower his employees to handle customer complaints. He says that clarity is the key to empowerment.

Mike announces he is running for At Large with the California Libertarian Party and he is running to help with candidate support.

George wants to see the party become more goal oriented.

Mike explains he feels religion and politics are very similar subjects.

George says we need to increase our registration to become a choice when people vote. He says we need to give people a reason to join the party. We need to learn to \”close the sale\”. The party needs to be the guide to the voter.

George says we need good candidates.

Mike discusses the issue of passion. He explains how he has been recruiting people for City Council in 2020.

George mentions the Los Angeles Libertarian Party and how they built up interest in their group.

Mike says they need to be flexible about the direction things go. He uses the example of the HB Liberty Club to prove the point.

George says that if you want to build you must delegate.

Mike makes a plea to the youth to come out and volunteer. George agrees.

George mentions the Fullerton Libertarian Club. It can be found on the Orange County Libertarian Party website.

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