LR17: Ethan Ellis Addresses the Venezuela Situation

Ethan Ellis Addresses the Venezuela Situation

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Liberty Revealed Episode 17 Show Summary

Mike is joined by Ethan Ellis, host of the ____ podcast to discuss the Venezuela situation.

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Liberty Revealed Episode 17 Show Notes

Mike introduces Ethan Ellis, host of The End of Politics podcast.

Mike administers the world\'s smallest political quiz to Ethan.

Ethan\'s results from The World\'s Smallest Political Quiz

Ethan says the Venezuela situation is similar to Iraq. We have delegitimized a left leaning administration.

Mike asks if Ethan feels oil is the driving factor. He says yes, but that with this administration they have some weird ideological motivations.

Ethan started his podcast as a person who wants to be a history teacher. He feels this is the end of political understanding and thus the name.

Mike points out that intervention by the United States tends to make things worse.

Ethan says he thinks it is an extremely dangerous move on our part.

Mike discusses the research he has done on the issue. He says the media is not really reporting the truth here. He still feels it is 80% about oil.

Ethan agrees the media doesn\'t know anything about the situation. He points out how popular Maduro is.

Mike points out that the war on terrorism is a joke because the United States created terrorism through its interventionist policies. He points out that each and every POTUS has made the same mistakes.

Mike asks Ethan what he thinks is the solution. Ethan says that Juan Guaido needs to stop what he\'s doing. He needs to allow the legitimately elected administration to complete its term. The United States needs to stop censuring Venezuela. Maduro should pick a successor with the ability to continue what his agenda is about.

Ethan\'s feelings about interventionism is that we have been insane. We are bad at \”aide\” because there is always an ulterior motive. We knock out the enemy, but then we just \”hang out\” doing nothing to stop a radical group from grabbing power. He mentions Saudi Arabia\'s role.

Mike says there are theories that our interventionist policies are in place because they make our leaders richer. Ethan says it is less of a policy and more of a law.

Mike points out that our policies are inconsistent. He compares it to losing weight by drinking diet soda. He questions why we are still so friendly with Saudi Arabia. He says that when any POTUS lies, it is generally about foreign policy.

They discuss the idea that term limits would fix this issue.

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