LR20: Damian Grasza Discusses Border Security

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Liberty Revealed Episode 20 Show Summary

Mike is joined by Damian Grasza from the UK to discuss border security.

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Liberty Revealed Episode 20 Show Notes

Mike introduces his guest, Damian Grasza. Damian believes \”facts don\'t care about your feelings.\”

Damian says that regarding border security, there needs to be strict border control and the government must control who goes in and out. He doesn\'t think the government should track people inside the country, but they should know who is in the country at any given time.

Mike asks how that will affect trade and the free movement of goods. Damian says the elected officials will figure that part out.

Damian, who as Mike points out, advocates for closed borders, does not think tourism would be effected.

Damian gives his opinion on Trump\'s travel ban. He says he sees both sides of that issue.

Mike asks Damian what he thinks of Trump. He says at first Trump was immature, but he is growing into the job and he may be re-elected in 2020.

Mike says he expects Trump to be re-elected in 2020. He compares this to team sports and preparation. Mike sees no credible opponent for Trump.

Mike asks about immigration. He explains how some countries are required to have a visa while others do not need a visa.

Damian states visas are necessary. He says most people come for vacation and not funerals.

Mike asks about work visas. Damian believes it is a good idea to issue work visas. He doesn\'t feel people should come in to take advantage of the welfare system.

Mike points out that countries with socialized medicine have stricter rules for entering their country.

Mike asks if Damian is OK with legal immigration. He is.

Mike asks Damian how a country should insure people don\'t overstay their visa. Damian says that countries with an ocean around them have a different approach. They are not worried about people walking across the border. He believes a physical barrier is required.

Mike says that workers should be given a special visa to work. As long as they are employed, they should be able to stay as long as they want. Damian agrees.

Damian asks what happens if people overstay. Mike says that is something lacking here in the United States. Mike points out that Australia sends officers to hunt down the people who overstay.

Mike says that holiday visas are more difficult to deal with. The government just has no easy way to determine where the people went.

Damian explains the fears people have when trying to get a visa to the United States.

Damian explains the issues with Brexit and why it is costing so much money to fix. He explains that it was a very close vote (about 4% difference).

Mike and Damian discuss how people should work together rather than against each other. Mike says the media is the problem. Mike explains that these indictments that came down during the Mueller investigation were all about things that have nothing to do with the issue.

Damian says the media is hurting Theresa May. They turn the opinion of the citizens against her.

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