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Liberty Revealed Episode 37 Show Summary

Mike discusses his plan to get Libertarian candidates elected..

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Liberty Revealed Episode 37 Show Notes

Welcome back to another episode of Liberty Revealed, the show dedicated to revealing personal liberty to all who listen. I am your host, Mike Mahony, and today I want to talk to you about the importance of continuing the fight for liberty.

The election is over. At least that is what the media has said. Donald Trump clearly has another opinion.

Whatever you think about the outcome of the election, one thing is very clear– we libertarians need to continue the fight for liberty. We must be diligent and do this starting now. We cannot wait until it is an election year. That just doesn’t give us the time to spread the word.

I am proposing that libertarians start campaigning now for liberty. The democrats have been very successful by taking control of local elections. They do this by having small democrat clubs that help with donations and campaign volunteers when a candidate surfaces for a given office.

Anyone who has run for office as a libertarian will tell you that the sound of crickets is deafening when you ask for volunteers. There is just something about libertarian thinking that creates a selfish attitude. I’ve heard people proclaim that they won’t help because the candidate has no chance of winning. Well, without help, that’s exactly correct.

Running a political campaign takes a lot of time, energy, and money. Want to see libertarians in office? Then do like the two corrupt major parties and work together to make it happen. My plan is very simple and will work if libertarians just embrace the concept that the fight for liberty isn’t just happening during election years.

Local chapters should look up what cities have city council vacancies coming up. They should then seek to find 1 or 2 candidates who would be interested in filling those vacancies. Pay special attention to school board races because they are very winnable and they get our candidate the “incumbent” tag later when it counts.

I am then suggesting that local chapters should form smaller groups throughout their larger geographic areas. These groups can help source potential local candidates. They can help with fundraising. They can be an army of volunteers. This aspect of my plan is huge. Local coordination broken into smaller chunks is going to be more effective.

The big move our chapters need to make is finding businesses that are friendly to our cause. We must ask them to donate to our campaign war chest fund. Rather than wait for individual candidates to run for a given position, let’s recruit donations from liberty-friendly businesses right away. Let’s point to the positions we want to fill and then let’s get some money from them. 

Imagine how much easier it would be to recruit candidates if the recruitment call included the statement “…we will be able to give you $10,000 to fund your campaign right away”? Imagine having the money to put out advertisements for recruiting volunteers? By tackling two of the biggest hurdles a candidate faces, the party is setting the candidates up for success. 

Fundraising is something that should never stop. As an organization, we tend to rely too much on membership dues and small donations. We need to approach small businesses. They are the most affected by strangling regulations. They would welcome the libertarian approach to government and commerce. Let’s show them we are the only party that is completely business-friendly.

To summarize, we need to:

  • Identify positions we want to target
  • Form small local groups that can help spread the word
  • Recruit candidates 
  • Approach businesses for donations
  • Fund raise all the time

When we can have all of this run like a well-oiled machine, we will be making real progress.

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