This is The Nightly Rant

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The Nightly Rant is fast approaching the one year anniversary of the show. We thought it would be fun to take a look at the show, where it has been and where it is going.

Insane Conversations Revealed

The idea for The Nightly Rant came from the nightly insane conversations Mike and Torya would have. One of them suggested that people might enjoy listening to these entertaining rants that occurred on a nightly basis. The show started out examining common issues faced in society and presented commentary about those issues. Whatever the issue, Mike and Torya can rant about it.

Topic Selection

The process for selecting topics is somewhat random, but organized at the same time. Most topics arise from things that have happened during the day to day life of Mike and Torya. The two briefly discuss the topic before the show just to provide a general direction. The rest is done off the cuff. Absolutely nothing about the show is restrictively plotted. The show goes wherever it goes organically. This presents some interesting tangents at times, but is a large part of the show’s charm.

Favorite Episode

When asked to select their favorite episode, Mike and Torya agreed that TNR28: Trash Bag Basketball is their favorite. In this episode they recount an incident with a neighbor in which the neighbor was challenged to throw his trash bag into the dumpster from a distance. What happens next is hilarious and you will need to listen to the episode in order to get the full story.

Who Are the Hosts

Mike is a sarcastic American who is extremely analytical. He hasn’t met a topic he couldn’t analyze to death. He always has lots to say on every topic. His views are consistently conservative and liberal at the same time. He is never afraid of sharing his opinion.

Torya is a sarcastic and sassy Canadian. She sees subjects clearly and can find the humor in almost every situation. Her wit and charm offset Mike’s sarcasm and cynicism. She is the voice of reason.

Listen to The Nightly Rant

If you like social commentary, The Nightly Rant is just what the doctor ordered. Social commentary mixed with comedy is the course taken by this show. Give it a listen!