TNR159: Lake of Trash Juice

Trash Juice

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The Nightly Rant Episode 159 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss the issues they have at their apartment building, the relaunch of The Zoo Media Network and a potential future guest on a regular basis.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 159 Show Notes

Mike\'s opinion is that people don't give any thought to strangers. He says what starts to happen is that people will begin talking to one another and they begin to care what those people think of their behavior. Torya points out that Mike is saying if everyone in the apartment complex got to know each other, things would immediately get better.

Mike points out that the problem is that there are groups of people that never see each other. Thus, their actions won't matter to those who never see them. 

Another discussion ensues about the garbage dumpster. The problem is on-going. Mike wonders who teaches people to act this way. Torya points to the people who left a bunch of trash liquid on the elevator floor. She points out that she wouldn't be leaving that kind of mess there.

They point out how bad it could have turned out had Torya slipped and fell in the elevator. 

Mike transitions to a discussion about The Zoo Media Network. He is planning to relaunch it with less content, but with better content. They talk about the content that will be on the network.

They announce the new show, The Nightly Rant Uncensored. It will be a topical show that uses much more colorful language than this show. 

Mike has big news. Ashley is moving in with them for a few months until she goes to Australia. They will also be making an appearance on The Bitter Truth together. Mike wants to know what the listeners want to hear on The Zoo Media Network. No porn or anything gross is allowed.

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