TNR163: Goodbye Drama Queens

Goodbye Drama Queens

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The Nightly Rant Episode 163 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss how they are completely done with people who cause drama.

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Mike says he is like Alyssa when it comes to drama. He is no longer taking the drama people dish out.

The Nightly Rant Episode 163 Show Notes

Mike tells a story about the Facebook group that covers their apartment building. He explains the drama that someone caused as a result.

This woman had created a carport patio when she moved in over a year ago. This was directly violating the rules and yet she wants to tell everyone else how to act. 

This person then messaged Torya when Mike blocked her ability to message him. She complains about the treatment she received. She completely lied about the conversation and Torya knew this because she had seen all the messages. Torya nicely asked her not to bring drama to her inbox. The woman blocked Torya and Mike on Facebook after that. This got her removed from the group.

This lady believes the manager should be babysitting adults rather than running the building. This leads to a discussion of the rules people rebel against in their building. They point out that there are rules that never get enforced unless they are a huge problem.

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