TNR179: Etiquette Lessons

Etiquette Lessons

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The Nightly Rant Episode 179 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss etiquette and people who assign beliefs to others.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 179 Show Notes

Mike talks about how the topics are decided upon for The Nightly Rant. He says that at times he thinks about them for days and days while other times they hit him out of the blue.

Mike discusses being lectured on etiquette by someone from social media. The person is abrasive and rude. Mike explains how it makes him feel.

Mike says that the mute feature for admins on Facebook groups is ingenious. He says it shows people they have rules to follow and by muting them, they can still read and react to posts, but they cannot comment again until the mute is over. It calms people down.

Mike discusses how some people don't like the presence of The Zoo during the show. He says they are part of the show and people need to get used to it or not listen. He obviously hopes they listen, but he isn't banning The Zoo to make other people happy.

They then rant about people who advocate for crazy things and how people just follow along! Mike rants about willful ignorance. 

The rant turns to politics, local politics to be specific. 

People tend to assign a stance to someone that the person doesn't actually believe. Torya says “How about you don't”?

Mike says you can find people who are like-minded and then you can find people who are like you. Those who are like you tend to connect better.

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