TNR205: Debating Systems

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The Nightly Rant Episode 205 Summary

Mike and Torya debate the differences between the political systems in Canada and the United States.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 205 Show Notes

Yogi has not been his usual playful self. He tends to hate the rain.

Mike transitions to talk about Canada and impaired drivers since the legalization of marijuana. Canada has changed the law to allow police to conduct sobriety tests in situations they normally would not have been allowed to in the past.

Mike reads an article from about this topic.

Mike brings up DUI checkpoints.

Torya defends DUI checkpoints by saying the police in Canada are not like the police in the USA.

Torya talks about Trudeau and how hated he is in Canada.

Mike points out that the Canadian leaders' power is tied to the power of their party.

Mike complains that the Canadian system is a poorly designed system.

Mike discusses that he is not convinced the Canadian system is better than the American system.

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