TNR232: What’s Wrong With Us?

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The Nightly Rant Episode 232 Summary

Mike and Torya discuss the reaction to the Mueller Report.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 232 Show Notes

  • Mike opens the show telling Torya to keep her stinky hands away from him.
  • Torya explains why her hands are stinky.
  • Mike says they have a no weiner, full weiner, and a half weiner.
  • Mike says that the Mueller Report was finally released and as he expected, they found no collusion and no determination on obstructions justice.
  • The report is one big nothing burger.
  • Mike compares society with Boston sports fans.
  • When the investigation started, Democrats said that Mueller will find collusion if it exists. Now that he has declared there was no collusion found, they want to start another investigation.
  • Mike points out that Democrats want to change the Electoral College rules because it will benefit them.
  • They discuss how people are so biased that they can hear something that was said and if they are told it was said by the person they hate, they hate it even though it was actually said by the person they support.
  • Torya claims to be politically agnostic and Mike challenges her on that.
  • They discuss the campaign for POTUS in 2020 and how Trump makes bad decisions.
  • They discuss why people should all vote for the person they think is best for them and their families.

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