TNR236: The Blockhead Tells It Like It Is

The blockhead tells it like it is

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The Nightly Rant Episode 236 Summary

Mike and Torya welcome Brian Little from Your Favorite Blockhead as their co-host tonight.

Listen to The Nightly Rant Episode 236

The Nightly Rant Episode 236 Show Notes

  • Mike opens the show announcing that it is 420 day
  • Mike introduces co-host, Brian Little from Your Favorite Blockhead.
  • Brian announces he is using a towel today for the end of the show
  • Brian sends a message to Yogi — “The ranger isn't going to like this, Yogi!”
  • Mike talks about his insomnia and Yogi's nighttime antics
  • Mike says Beans is about to be adopted.
  • Torya says she saw a drug deal in the morning.
  • They discuss smelly teenagers
  • Mike explains how Parker became known as Smokey
  • Brian suggests an app that will allow you to speak into it and it translates from man to woman.
  • Mike says he loves that Brian is so attached to his dog, Marcie.
  • Mike talks about how much dogs love their humans
  • Brian talks about what he thinks is the most exciting news from the MMA world in the last year.
  • Mike rants about steroids in professional sports.
  • Mike goes on a rant about Waze messing up his trip this morning.

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