TNR249: Why Are You Angry Bro?

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The Nightly Rant Episode 249 Summary

Mike and Torya discuss angry people and their thoughts on them.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 249 Show Notes

  • Mike wonders why people say cats are more intelligent than dogs.
  • He rants about the fact that the cats are annoyed by the brand new cat tree.
  • Torya explains that cats trust nothing. Everything and everyone is suspicious.
  • Torya tells the story of the Seal Beach police adopting a dog from the Seal Beach Animal Shelter.
  • Mike talks about how it takes a lot to make him angry.
  • They debate whether or not there is a “reasonable” grudge.
  • Mike says that when you approach a situation by allowing people to do what they want, things go more smoothly.
  • Mike says he does not hold grudges.
  • Mike doesn't understand why someone who disagrees is a bully.
  • Mike says he tends to not argue unless he is fairly certain he is correct.
  • Mike doesn't like being pushed to the point where he eventually feels mean.

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