TNR258: Hypnotherapy and Modern Health Care Issues

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The Nightly Rant Episode 258 Summary

Mike and Torya talk to Dr. John McGrail, a hypnotherapist.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 258 Show Notes

  • The show opens with Mike and Torya discussing the creepy phone call Torya got.
  • There were heavy breathing and a TV in the background.
  • Mike introduces the guest, Dr. John McGrail.
  • Dr. John is an expert on hypnotherapy.
  • Dr. John says he was inspired by a period of unemployment.
  • Dr. John says hypnotherapy can benefit people by helping them change habits they have ingrained in them.
  • Dr. John says television and movies don't accurately represent hypnosis.
  • Dr. John explains the connection between hypnosis and meditation
  • Dr. John says there is a small percentage of society that is not affected by hypnotherapy.
  • Dr. John makes the case that we all experience hypnosis daily.
  • Dr.John explains how to break bad habits with hypnotherapy.
  • 90% of Dr. John's caseload is anxiety.
  • Why doesn't society regularly use hypnotherapy?
  • Dr. John explains the role of expectation.

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