TNR262: Joy Malek Talks INFJ and Personality Traits

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The Nightly Rant Episode 262 Summary

Mike and Torya welcome a guest, Joy Malek, to discuss personality.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 262 Show Notes

  • Mike complains it seems they never go too long without an extra dog.
  • Mike discusses their attendance at the Los Angeles County Libertarian Party convention.
  • Mike introduces Joy Malek
  • Mike asks about circuitous conversations.
  • Mike questions the validity of these tests.
  • Joy explains that it all depends upon how the test is designed.
  • Joy explains why she focuses on the INFJ personality type
  • Joy discusses the behind the scenes things that make INFJ personality types unique
  • Joy explains why she believes why Mike uses introverted intuition.
  • Joy explains how the personality types interactt
  • Joy responds to Mike\'s problem with how people process information
  • Mike explains how he uses terminology differently depending upon who he is speaking to.
  • Joy explains INFJ School, her new product.

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