TNR263: The Case of the Clueless Community Member

Episode 263: The Case of the Clueless Community Member

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The Nightly Rant Episode 263 Summary

Mike and Torya discuss a community member who is angry because Mike didn't make her issue his #1 priority, so now she goes around bad-mouthing him behind his back.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 263 Show Notes

Mike and Torya explain the situation at hand. A community member from Facebook is upset with Mike. The backstory is simple. This community member had some concerns about a community group administrator and wanted Mike to lead the charge in handling it the way she wanted. Mike didn't make it his #1 priority, so she has blocked Mike and Torya on Facebook and is now bad-mouthing both of them on Facebook. She makes claims that can easily be proven false because her entire set of comments to Mike was recorded in wiriting on Facebook Messenger. Mike and Torya discuss all the crazy nuances of situations like this and get to the core of the issue, which is that people will simply believe anything they want about you and therefore, you should never worry about what others think about you. Finally, they touch on fireworks and how people push the limits of their ability to get away with it.

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