TNR267: Here Comes the Family Chantel

Episode 267: Here Comes the Family Chantel

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The Nightly Rant Episode 267 Summary

Mike and Torya debut a brand new segment of the show called “The Family Chantel”.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 267 Show Notes

Mike rants about the show “The Family Chantel” in a new segment for The Nightly Rant. He talks about how Chantel is the cause of all the problems in her relationship with Pedro. She lied to her parents at the start. Mike describes how looney her family is. He also talks about how crazy Pedro's family is as well. Mike describes the incident where Chantel's family storms over to Pedro and Chantel's apartment after Chantel yet again reveals way too much about her relationship with her family. The family gets to the apartment and Pedro immediately asks them to leave. The mom, Karen, brings a tazer with her to the apartment. Hilarity ensues as Pedro tries to grasp what the hell is going on.

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