TNR277: Make Your Opinion Heard No Matter What

Episode 277: Make Your Opinion Heart No Matter What

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The Nightly Rant Episode 277 Summary

Mike and Torya discuss when it became a bad thing to have a differing opinion in society.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 277 Show Notes

Mike says Torya is a troublemaker.

Torya claims she is a trouble solver.

This discussion happens because Torya served a lawsuit against a City Council member who never paid her campaign worker.

The topic today is whiney people…people you'd never expect to be so whiney.

They talk about people who let others define who they are. Mike doesn't understand these people at all. Mike points out that one's perspective defines what you see.

Mike again points out that disagreeing doesn't make people enemies.

Torya says people making statements generally believe they are right.

Torya wants to know when it became wrong to disagree with someone.

Mike wants to know what would happen if people expressed their opinion and then allowed others to react without responding back. Both he and Torya feel this would show what the right idea really is.

Mike says that not voting means your opinion is not getting considered and that's a bad thing

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