TNR284: Hannah Talks About Belize

Episode 284: Hannah Talks About Belize

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The Nightly Rant Episode 284 Summary

Mike and Torya welcome Hannah Trujeque-Cattouse, one of their virtual assistants, to the show.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 284 Show Notes

Torya opens the show by claiming she fired her favorite virtual assistant, Hannah.

Mike says it is awkward since Hannah is there on the show. Mike says Hannah was not fired. Torya says she would pull her hair out if Hannah was fired.

Hannah is from Belize. It is located in Central America. It is the only English-speaking Central American country. It is south of Mexico and east of Guatemala.

Hannah gives the history of Belize in a “non-school” manner.

Mike teases Torya about her black clothing.

Mike recounts when he was in 2nd grade and sassed the teacher about Columbus “discovering” America.

They discover that Columbus Day is celebrated both in the USA and Belize.

Mike asks why it is so difficult to pay people in Belize electronically.

Hannah says the jaguar would say Torya is its people.

Hannah relates a time she felt she was going to be fired.

Mike asks if Hannah's brother wants a job since all her sisters are employed by them as well.

They banter about work things and what about work annoys them.

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