TNR291: Appreciationcast

Episode 291: Appreciationcast

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The Nightly Rant Episode 291 Summary

Mike and Torya get personal.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 291 Show Notes

Mike opens the show by talking about CBD.

They then discuss some of their special episodes. This leads to Mike announcing Appreciationcast — the Top 3 reasons Mike and Torya love each other.

Mike begins by saying Torya motivates him to be a better person. He says he works harder so he won’t disappoint Torya.

Torya says she loves Mike because he has an enormous heart for all the things that matter to him. Mike asks what he’s done to show he has a big heart. Torya states that people who are important to him have not been fabulous to him, but he still takes great care of them. She points to Yogi and what a big heart Mike has for him.

Mike says that animals touch his heart. He explains how he became a cat lover.

Torya says another reason she loves Mike is she likes that he pushes her out of her “box of comfort”. She uses podcasting as just one example. Mike says he believes Torya does it because he loves it.

Mike says he loves Torya because she “gets” him completely. She shows she understands him constantly.

Mike the. Says his number one reason for loving Torya is because she is extremely supportive of his goals and dreams. He points to their business and how it came to be.

Mike discusses how the decisions they’ve made have helped grow their business.

Torya’s number one reason for loving Mike is that he is “ridiculous” and she uses recent things to prove it. She gives more examples.

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