TNR296: Going to an NFL Game

Episode 296: Going to an NFL Game

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The Nightly Rant Episode 296 Summary

Mike and Torya discuss attending Torya’s first NFL game.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 296 Show Notes

Mike says they had another first. He took Torya to her first NFL game.

They discuss their attendance at the Rams game vs Arizona.

Mike talks about the XFL. He announces the birth of The XFL Report. He discusses why the XFL excites him.

They discuss people holding season tickets for out-of-town teams.

Mike says that you really need better seats to enjoy football live. It is too hard to see the ball. It is too easy to look in the wrong direction. You wind up watching on the big screen.

They discuss Mitchell and how much he likes Madden 2020 and how Mike hopes it sparks an interest in football in Mitchell.

Mike discusses Mitchell’s last soccer team and where things went wrong. He explains how he handled things as a hockey team manager.

This leads to a discussion of That 70s Show. Mike points out how Torya said Mike and Mitchell have a similar relationship to Red and Eric. Mike takes exception with that comparison. Torya explains her comments.

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