TNR298: Save the Wallabies

Episode 298: Save the Wallabies

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The Nightly Rant Episode 298 Summary

Mike and Torya discuss the fires in Australia and how it is changing their ecosystem.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 298 Show Notes

Mike opens by saying he went to see Evander at the dog trainer. They explain where Evander came from.

A discussion ensues about Evander’s behavior

How is the word “herb” pronounced? This leads to a discussion of how words are spelled.

They discuss an item they saw on Shark Tank and how dumb it is. Somehow this leads to a discussion about how partners just communicate with each other.

Mike discusses Ash moving to Australia. She can’t leave home because the smoke is affecting her breathing.

This leads to Torya mentioning that planes are flying over and dropping veggies for the wallabies. Mike expresses outrage that people are bothered by planes dropping the veggies. Torya explains why wallabies are important to the ecosystem.

Mike says we need to learn as a society that we should interact in a kind way. Mike says that if you can’t be honest with someone you don’t have a great relationship.

Wallaby salad airdropping video:

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