TNR300: People are Selfish and Stupid

Episode 300: People are Selfish and Stupid

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The Nightly Rant Episode 300 Summary

Mike and Torya celebrate episode 300. They discuss the overall theme of the show and their observations from doing 300 episodes.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 300 Show Notes

  • Mike opens the show by announcing it is the 300th episode!
  • He mentions that people frustrate him
  • Torya says that he has spent 300 episodes talking about how people frustrate him.
  • Mike has nothing to say about that
  • Mike mentions the friends of the show who have sent in their best wishes for the 300th episode.
  • Mike says it surprised him that the overall theme of the show became people are selfish and sometimes dumb.
  • Torya says it became the theme because of two possible reasons: either she is cynical or people they come into contact with act like idiots.
  • Mike says he gets frustrated when people say their views are skewed to one side.
  • Mike points out that he and Torya listen and have changed their minds about things over the past two years.
  • Mike points out that most people preach to the choir and they never get challenged.
  • Mike feels the theme of the show grew because he had never really analyzed his interactions with people the way he has since starting The Nightly Rant.
  • People don't listen and then change their opinion.
  • Mike rants about people who lie about someone online and when proven wrong, they act like they never lied in the first place.
  • Mike explains why he feels there are not as many highlights between episodes 200 and 300.
  • Torya gives her opinion as to why this is the case as well.
  • Mike announces he has stopped going on Facebook.
  • They discuss cleanliness and how everyone in the home has to participate in keeping things clean.
  • Torya rants about her attempts to sell items on Facebook Marketplace.
  • Mike resurrects the saying “You can count on people to do one thing and one thing only–to think about themselves!”
  • Mike recaps the guests that have been on the show.
  • They discuss the guest with the most appearances–Brian Little of Your Favorite Blockhead
  • Mike teases a new project they are working on that will blow your mind.
  • Mike also announces there will be a contest announced soon and you can win a $100 Amazon gift card.
  • Mike closes out the show by talking about his eBay experiences.

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