TNR386: Heyoka Empath

tnr 386 - heyoka empath

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The Nightly Rant Episode 386 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya speak with a heyoka empath, Nichole Kolman.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 386 Show Notes

Mike starts the show by saying how super weird the weather is today in California. Torya agrees with it.

And they welcome the guest tonight, Nichole Kolman joins the Nightly Rant show. Nichole is a bodybuilder by day, and Heyoka empath by night. A 3 title holder in different sports: swimming, gymnastics and bodybuilding. An Israeli, French, Russian, an author and inspired writer.

Then the guest explains what and how the Heyoka empath works.

Mike asks the guest how women don’t have standards. The guest then discusses how women don’t have standards.

She also points out that If men can handle women’s brains, you can huddle anything intangible in the world.

She shares that when you talk about conversation, it’s about being authentic. You can’t be authentic if you train daily to be unauthentic. There is power in your words. Labels kill us, it's too general. Women inspire change.

Then the guest ends the show by saying – Girls, unstrap your dick and give it back to your man. So you can start complaining again. You can’t keep changing between masculine energy and to feminine energy when you have your period. It’s not fair. This is confusing to the man. He doesn't know when to man up or back off. Confusion breeds doubt and that doubt is usually about yourself.

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