TNR403: Glorious Nashville

TNR403-Glorious Nashvill

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The Nightly Rant Episode 403 Summary

Mike opens the show by sharing the amazing trip they had to Tennessee

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The Nightly Rant Episode 403 Show Notes

Mike opens the show by sharing the amazing trip they had to Tennessee.

After the Rumble in the Boro, they went to Nashville and explore the place. Torya points out that every Sunday, everything was closed.

Then they share the places they went to, first, they saw the Bicentennial Park, a replica of the Parthenon. It was a massive park, with a lake and funky trees. The cool part is that they had a platform with statues on it and benches that had words engraved on them. Mike concludes that this was such a peaceful place.

Then they drove around the place and stopped at State Capitol. It was uphill, but the place had an amazing view.

As a big hockey fan, Michell wants to visit the Nashville Predator team store. So they did. When they arrived at the place, the rain was torrential. He had a bright yellow hoodie from the store.

The original plan was to have Nashville hot chicken in the 400 degrees, but knowing that it is Sunday and it’s closed, they decided to go to Hattie B’s. And Mike was amazed at the street they crossed going to the restaurant.

Then they talked about their dining experience at the restaurant. Then they share about how nice and friendly the people in Nashville are. They are greeting you nicely and look at your eye to eye.

Then they talked about the place where the Civil war happened. And they went to a barbeque place for dinner. They totally agree that this place was awesome!

Then they talked about the rest of the places they went to.

Mike and Torya end the show by saying how amazing the trip they had to Nashville and that they will never fly with American Airlines ever again.

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