TNR408: When Misinformation is Decided by the Government

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The Nightly Rant Episode 408 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss the Biden Administration working with Facebook to “identity misinformation”

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The Nightly Rant Episode 408 Show Notes

Mike opens the show by asking Torya to picture this headline and tell him what the reaction would have been: “Trump admits to working with FB to identify people posting misinformation.”

Torya feels this was systemic and outrageous. The left will have an outbreak of tediousness, they will be aggressive and so mad. Mike thinks it is fascist and authoritarian.

He says that the real headline was that Biden admits that working with Facebook to identify people posting misinformation. People are outraged. People believe that he violates the 1st amendment rights and it's concerning but it's not enough to impeach him. Torya believes that Biden should be thrown into jail for giving out misinformation.

Mike had one consistent belief in all of this. Everyone is responsible for doing their own research and why it's really hard for good people to be good because they are taken advantage of.

Torya asks if Joe Biden is only taking down posts from the American people or from anyone in the world. Mike firmly believes he is only taking down posts from the American people. Torya asks why targeting only misinformation posted in a specific country and not for the worldwide platform?

Mike sometimes experiences that the level of success you get is based upon participation, and how well you participate in the game. Putting the pieces together that work for you in an ethical way brings you growth. That’s a key concept to remember when you have a relationship. It works with relationships too!

He pointed out that, wherever the servers are hosted, you will follow the law there. Torya pointed out that Joe Biden was only violating American law and not world law. But she later realizes that Biden is really violating the rights of every Facebook user despite their nationality. Biden really hates everyone!

Then Torya shares her many problems with Vice President Harris. She believes that the Libertarians could pull together strong candidates for 2024 if they start now. Mike hopes beyond hope that it is Justin Amash because they need a big well-known name.

Mike ends the show by emphasizing to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. By doing this, you can confirm or deny things that are said. Or at least make up your mind by reading on both sides of the issue and which side you agreed on. He shares that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. He strongly believes that the key is don’t let one thing make you decide what you think about the person.

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