TNR410: Naked and Stuck

TNR 410- Naked and Stuck

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The Nightly Rant Episode 410 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss a naked woman stuck between two buildings

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The Nightly Rant Episode 410 Show Notes

Mike opens the show by saying that the news has gone crazy lately. Torya disagrees and said that the news was already crazy starting in January 2020.

Then they talked about the news about how one naked lady was wedged in between two buildings. And how the news is now gone cuckoo crazy about stuff like this because maybe they are tired of reporting about COVID 19.

Torya then talked about the restaurant in Huntington Beach known for ignoring the covid guidelines and now calling for only unvaccinated diners. The news seems to think that if they ignored the covid guidelines, they should not be allowed to have any financial assistance. Mike points out that this is because they are an authoritarian society and it’s okay for them to dictate what other people should or not do. Anybody who thinks that SCIENCE had anything to do with the pandemic response in this country, needs their head examined.

Torya then asks the question, “If they’re breaking the law and therefore shouldn’t get any public assistance to their business in the state of California, then why is the state of California giving Medicaid to people who break the law in entering the country?” Mike answers that why people side more often on the right than the left is because he personally feels the left is extremely inconsistent.

She then shares one hilarious thing in the news lately: how the state of California “mandated that all healthcare workers should have the vaccine”. She points out that if you read the article it says that either you take the vaccine or get tested weekly.

Then Mike says that he avoided Twitter for a while because he always sees posts about Biden proudly saying that they have more growth in the economy in a 6 month period than any other 6 month period in history. He points out that don’t forget that the complete year before that the economy shut down, and just recently opened. She also says that the 2020 suicide rate was also high, the sad side effect of this pandemic

Then they talked about the trip they had to Vegas last weekend and how they had a great time. They were amazed at how Fremont Street was back to normal and was not crowded even on a Sunday night. There were enough people that it had the energy back but not so many that felt like they were sardines. They also went to Resorts World for the first time and the place was really RAD. They had lunch in the food court. Then they talked about the 4 ladies walking in front of them on the way to the restaurant and how one lady was not wearing a top. Torya confirms it and Mike says she is on the prowl. Overall it was a RAD trip and brought them closer together

They announced the sad news that when they were on the trip, their baby piggy, named Mr. Ozzy passed away. Mike ends the show by talking about their pet animals and how the animals are now sleeping

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