TNR415: AITA for Shaming the Neighbors

TNR415-AITA for Shaming the Neighbors

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The Nightly Rant Episode 415 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss another AITA post from Reddit.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 415 Show Notes

Mike opens the show by sharing another infamous Am I The Asshole post and how Torya picks these suckers based on the level of hilariousness. 

Torya then read the post and asked Mike if the poster was the asshole. Mike answered yes and points out that people having sex happens naturally, and they're not gonna have sex coz they have work the next day, but the poster purposely embarrassing them by putting applause track up to their ceiling is harassment. Why does the poster have the say when their neighbor had the say when to have sex.

Torya believes that no one was the assholes because it’s completely okay to have sex and completely okay to harass your neighbor and be reported to the management. It's a natural cycle of things. Or they were both assholes.

Mike then says that he has a bad habit. She agrees that Mike listens to what other people have to say. But the problem is, if he has looked up to something and he decided 100% that it is this way, then he will be angry at the other person because they were that bad and then come to another person to help him realize, to look at that thing in a different perspective. But he will still be pissed.

Mike believes he is in the minority for this kind of decision. He was in a fringe group. He wanted to understand what the other side was thinking, and he might change to that side. It's just his way. Mike firmly believes that the poster was the asshole for not admitting the harassment.

Torya then shares her 2 points. 1st point was why both of them were assholes. It is a pretty dick move to embarrass someone that the poster decided to play an applause track after their neighbor's love-making. It's a dick move. Torya says she will definitely do this. It is also an equal dick move to report somebody to the management for harassment after you know you keep them up for hours and all they did was to embarrass you a little. People should be more aware of their neighbors.

Then Torya ends the show by reading one funny comment in the post “kick down the door and say player 3 has entered the game” and that gave them a good laugh.

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