TNR417: Ok, Jackass!

TNR417: Ok, Jackass!

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The Nightly Rant Episode 417 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss the strange comments they get when seeking consultants.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 417 Show Notes

Mike opens the show saying he can’t believe the absolute bullshit Torya got when she put up an ad for a virtual assistant. Torya then read her advertisement: If you have the skills that we’re looking for and are interested in part-time work, please DM me with your hourly rate and a summary of your past relevant experiences. Then someone sent a screenshot of her post at 5 am and asked how to apply for the post. She then restated what was in the ad and the response was an “okay jackass” and they blocked Torya

People nowadays are easily triggered and sensitive. Mike’s trying to create a persona for the brand. The brand is Yogi and he is salty. It only matters for prestige. The #1 seed rarely ever wins the championship. He just goes with the truth that he sees.

Torya then concludes that they had this all dumbassery in one day and how Mike paid $45 for parking in the concert. Mike then shares the story behind it. Torya then shared a good idea for if you are a developer, you can build a parking garage across the street and you would have a full garage every night. That’s good money. Do it.

Then Torya shares that today is going to be the most fantastic day since the day she moved in. She was excited about this for the last 6 years, the coolest event that happens yearly in the city of Huntington Beach – The Great Pacific Airshow. Then they talked about the adventure they had going to the place.

Then they found this breakfast place, Lopez Tacos. Torya believes that their breakfast burritos will make you fall in love with Mexican foods. Mike says that their salsa was very very tasty. It was delicious.

Then they went back to the car and went to PCH and there is a lot of parking. Like everywhere. Torya was willing to walk a mile because she is excited. Then they went to the 1st entrance- the beach parking lot. Then it happened, the parking was closed because there is an oil spill and the event was canceled. She asked why is this infuriating, not because there is an oil spill – shit happens, not because the show was canceled, because they need to clean the oil spill because the birds are dying. Why this is infuriating was when they were in the Lopez restaurant she was browsing the app to find the best place to park, and the oil spill had happened last night and they had not notified them up until they were canceled. Not until 2 mins before the show. Torya was salty because the show was canceled.

The moral of the story was they had a fantastic weekend. They start with the Instagram troll, propositioned by a dumbass for a job, Mike paid too much for parking and Torya waited for the event for almost 6 years to be canceled. Then Torya ends the show by hoping that next weekend will be significantly better than last week and the weekend that comes after.

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