TNR418: Worst Jobs Ever

TNR418-Worst Jobs Ever

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The Nightly Rant Episode 418 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss the worst jobs you can hold.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 418 Show Notes

Mike opens the show by asking Torya what is the worst job she ever had. She answers that she had a job at a trucking service and she had a boss who always ended the email with “please advise” and it was so annoying. The boss would always throw her under the bus if anything goes wrong despite the fact that it was her fault and just devise all these dumbass rules. Mike points out that this is the boss who requires that all emails go through her. She was in full control of both sides of the discussion. What causes the problem is that when Torya talked to the client and the client said this way, but Torya insisted she said it that way. Mike thinks this is crazy.

Mike then shares his worst job story. This is the time he take over the technology department of a decent-sized company and was tasked to forge a procedure that would allow them to build software they wanted to build at the speed they want, like f*cking fast. And Mike thinks it’s not gonna work, but he pushed and pushed and he just performed. He worked his ass off because he wanted to be right. Mike points out that after 160 hrs of work and a series of tests done, they make it work with zero bugs. That was amazing!! Then they talked about how that boss didn’t bother to give them recognition even if the software was bug-free and 40 hours under the projected timeline.

Then they talked about an article in reddit where people share horror stories from the worst job they had. Here\'s a quick list:

  1. Waiting tables at the retirement home – a combination of entitled people and a coworker who constantly takes over to the task you are currently doing and complains they had to do anything.
  2. Hotel Housekeeping – if it comes out in the human body, he probably cleaned that up.
  3. Corn detasseling on the farm. 
  4. Street canvasser. 
  5. Unemployment insurance call center employee.
  6. Night manager at a pizza place next to a huge university campus.
  7. Work at the toilet seat company.
  8. Dog groomer.
  9. Work nights doing laundry in a long term care facility.
  10. Dude working in the disney store.

They end the show by saying that this is anti-climatic and the murder story should be the #1. Mike points out how important it is to take a breather. Take a break once in a while.

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