TNR419: Let’s Talk Gratitude

TNR419-LEt's Talk Gratitude

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The Nightly Rant Episode 419 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss gratitude.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 419 Show Notes

Mike opens the show by mentioning Thanksgiving is just around the corner. They started the show by teasing each other. Then they talked about how the country was run by the circus clown for 4 years. Mike didn’t think it could get worse. Then came grandpa, and he is the definition of geriatric. 

Then Mike shares he’s grateful for the opportunity to help other people. Torya thinks this is cliche. Then he shares the cliche part, how he is thankful for Torya, his kids, and how they are different from each other and have good qualities about them and to their fur babies and how they are working on their differences. Mike is thankful that he is alive.

Torya then shares that he is thankful for Mike, her nice friend in Canada who takes good care of his dad and thankful that she still exists, and she points out that she made a face when she says that because she thinks it’s cliche.

Then they talked about the new Am I The Asshole post titled – AITA for not giving a kid (who I don’t know) a ride to the hospital after he broke a leg?”

If you want to read the post here’s the link to the AITA –

Mike firmly believes that no one was the asshole in the story. You wouldn’t risk taking some stranger in your car. The poster already called the ambulance. He already did his part. Torya agrees with Mike as well. The safest thing for the kid, especially since they are in Canada was to call an ambulance. Canadian healthcare is such that the entire emergency room was paid for by the government. You only paid for the ambulance ride. Then Torya reads some of the comments in the post. 100% of the comments, the OP is not the asshole.

Then they talked about out of 4 AITA posts they discussed, they came to the final conclusion that none of them were the assholes. Then they argue on how Torya thinks Mike shares his opinion depending on the type of day he was asked and what mood he was on. But Mike rolls his eyes hard and begs to disagree. Torya then ends the show by saying that Mike will roll his eye to bed.

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