TNR422: Hey Google is Rude

TNR422- Hey Google is Rude

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The Nightly Rant Episode 422 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss how rude Google Assistant can be.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 422 Show Notes

Torya opens the show by saying how she doesn’t like Hey Google coz it’s rude. Mike says it should follow their house rules and not the other way around

Torya then mentions why Artificial Intelligence will kill all humans when it takes over the world. Then they talked about how so many people are against it. Torya really likes it for the purpose of turning on and off the lights, and she understands the purpose of it. Then they talked about how the Hey Google in the office and how it didn’t like Torya’s voice and how responsive it is in the one in their bedroom.

Then they talked about one episode of Treehouse of Terror and how Homer and Marj moved into a Smart House and the smart house decides that he likes Marj and wants to kill Homer and romance Marj. Mike hasn’t continued since that episode.

Then they talked about how his oldest son, Matthew, decided to run 26.2 miles LA marathon, consecutively. And he finished like a Champ. He wasn’t whining or anything. He was fantastic. Then they talked about how the people in the marathon were the Treehouse of Terror. Then they tackled their worst toilet experience as well. Torya concluded that she blames the overall Westfield Century City management.

Mike was very proud of the finish of his son. The lady in the wheelchair also set a world record for the fastest marathon completed in a wheelchair. It was also a hilly marathon. How fast could she be if it’s not a hilly marathon? Torya said that she likes Siri more.

Mike and Torya end the show by both agreeing that Hey Google was really rude, and Siri has a better personality. 

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