TNR427: Oh Amazon!

TNR427: Oh Amazon

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The Nightly Rant Episode 427 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss Amazon.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 427 Show Notes

Mike opens the show by asking Torya if she ever heard about the latest woke nonsense. These woke jackasses want to get rid of the Black Friday term because it was racist. 

Then they talked about an article Torya reads titled: Worst Ways Amazon Exploits Workers During Black Friday.

  • Earthquake Machines
  • Fewer Spots To Pass Out
  • Christmas Music Pumped Into The Shipping Center
  • Marking Them 50% Off
  • Ringing The Bell
  • Entire Workforce Required To Split Single Bean For Dinner
  • Makes Them Carjack Their Delivery Vehicles
  • Jeff Bezos Wife Contest
  • Robots Get Time Off
  • Workers Forced To Urinate In Cranberry Sauce Can
  • Speaking To Them In Bleeps And Bloops
  • Ask Them To Help Jeff Bezos Move 
  • No Hugs For Doing A Good Job 
  • Their Human Teeth Deal
  • Giving Workers A Free Fire Kindle Fire Tablet If They Kill Their Pro-Union Colleagues
  • Labels The Slow Ones As “Drone Meat”

If you want to read the satire article, here’s the link:

Torya then shares her favorite story about her Amazon purchases. All the delays and no apologies. Mike points out that Amazon was good in compensation before, but not now. If you are offered, it was not taking advantage.

Torya then points out that when Mike gets his mind set on something,  it is the only thing that is happening and nothing can deter him. He doesn’t love it, but he gets it. It’s just one thing about Mike that Torya loves about him. Then they continue to talk about Mike’s behavior.

Mike ends the show by saying he is tired from all the talking and so is Torya.

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