TNR434: Customer Service

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The Nightly Rant Episode 434 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss customer service.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 434 Show Notes

Torya starts to tell a story about her iPhone. She explains her iPhone home button does not work, no more clicky. It made it very hard for her to use the iPhone. Torya goes to get her phone repaired and she received a loaner phone. It has happened to her before so it was fine for her to take the loaner phone. 

Mike stops Torya and asks if there were any dick pics on the phone, as he explains he knows someone who had a loaner phone loaded up with dick picks, which was not funny for his girlfriend. Torya continues with her story about the loaner phone, one week goes by after she first took this loaner phone. The phone had to travel to the east side of Canada.

Torya’s patience has turned paper-thin, wondering where her phone is. She calls them, they offer the loaner for her as a replacement. Torya rants about this situation, rightfully so. Mike praises the customer service and how he handled the situation. 

Mike introduces the last topic, Instagram scammers. Mike is good at picking up when accounts are scammers immediately when he sees their names. Mike talks about these scammers and explains how they scam you and hack your account while looking really realistic.

Torya tells a story about someone she knows who got scammed and was stupid enough to give their account away. Live people will never ask you to read the real code.

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