TNR435: The Crazy Instacart Driver

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The Nightly Rant Episode 435 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss an altercation Torya had with an Instacart driver.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 435 Show Notes

Mike expresses how the first few weeks of 2022 have been interesting, Torya adds in that it hasn’t been crap…. Yet. The year has been odd for Mike. 

Mike talks about how people should know what to do with the pandemic at this point, but the people are being confused by the government as they have no communication capabilities. Mike has found a headache to help with his headache problem and his body pains. Torya has been attacking his back with her elbows.

Mike was on his way to his first treatment, Mike accidentally rejected Torya’s phone call. Torya describes the situation, Torya thought a telemarketer was calling from Napa. Torya gets a call from the grocery deliverer that they can’t carry the groceries and they have to get them. Torya described the driver as Beetlejuice. She had a confrontation with the delivery driver and slammed the door. The Beetlejuice-looking psychopath threw a 12 pack of cans at Torya when she asked for her groceries back. Then they said ‘I have covid and coughed all over your groceries’.

Mike shares his thoughts on the situation. Mike wonders why the delivery driver would escalate the problem, even if Torya was sassy. Torya deemed this delivery driver as a psychopath and continues to rant. 

Mike relays a story that his friend told him about a stupid confrontation. He describes his friend as a defensive lineman football player, size-wise. The friend got a gun pulled on him.

Torya doesn’t understand why some people escalate some people who are being ‘rude’. Mike says he is following a social media policy and explains how it applies to everything. Mike and Torya discuss this and bicker. 

Mike finds this whole topic interesting. ‘Perception is in the eye of the beholder’ Mike says.

Torya says she called the company's customer service reps and found it difficult. Torya should have calmed down before calling, but even so, there was a confrontation. 

Torya got a refund from the 2nd rep she spoke to. She owned up to being angry. Mike describes this was a good moment, she owned up to being angry.

Mike adds his advice about talking to the customer service reps. 

Torya says a Dr. Pepper torpedoed through one of their pot plants and broke it, when the delivery driver assaulted Torya. Mike says that it is not worth Torya’s time if the police filed a report. 

Mike tells people to be careful about delivery drivers and go in a pair. Mike keeps Torya safe. 

Mike says we would all get along better if we didn't always fight over the things we don’t agree on. 

Torya says there was nothing particularly heavy in the grocery bags, from the previous situation they discussed. 

Mike says he was a chess player his whole life and was always taught to look back on past mistakes so he can work on them. 

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