TNR436: AITA Once Again

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The Nightly Rant Episode 436 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss voting rights and another AITA from Reddit.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 436 Show Notes

A few days ago, Biden was in Georgia ranting about how horrible their voting system is. Apparently Georgia is easier to vote than in the bigger states like New York, Pennsylvania etc. 

We don't have Vice President Harris, its President Harris Mike says. Mike is frustrated because they are talking about voting rights being blocked, and he rants about this. 

Mike says that why we have to show our vaccine status but don’t show our voting card. Mike rants about this, telling them to ‘shut up’ and ‘f off’. Torya asks if he is being blunt today.

It is another segment of ‘Am I the asshole’. This scenario is picked just for Mike. Torya explains the scenario, a lady is dating a brutally honest man who isn’t malicious. Just very honest. She describes more of the scenario in which there is a family dinner, a remark was made about his sister-in-law having kids and the lady explains there is infertility involved. This brutally honest man asks which side and then proceeds to say that he thinks that women over 30 should not have babies as he thinks they will produce defective kids.

Mike interjects saying people are ‘nuts’. Torya ends the scenario with the main lady in the scenario telling this man that if she wanted an asshole's opinion, she would have just farted. Apparently, the sister and the man in question sent a message saying she was rude, vicious and an asshole towards him and ruined her birthday. 

Mike says he doesn't think either person is an asshole. He believes that if you're a blunt person, you should be able to receive blunt feedback. Mike explains that he has been called an asshole many times. Mike tells this man to grow up. 

Torya states her opinion. Torya doesn’t think this man is brutally honest or blunt, he is just rude. He should've kept his opinion to himself, and not comment on female personal reproductivity. 

Mike and Torya rant about this situation. Mike has the view that he asked the question and it wasn't a problem, Torya believes that he shouldn’t have brought it up and it was rude. Torya states more of her opinion. 

Mike and Torya continue this conversation about what was right and wrong to say. 

Torya states that the scenario states he is brutally honest, not intelligent. Mike speaks about their friend Debra and her mindset, and explains it.

Mike and Torya apply this situation and mindset to their relationship. Mike starts to talk about politics and the two sides and how each side complains and speaks bad about the other. Mike makes many baby sounds. 

Torya giggled at the comments on this ‘asshole’ post. There is someone that agreed with them that there is no asshole. One person said they should have replied to the sister, instead of the boyfriend, with a remark. Which Torya thinks is a perfectly normal response. 

Mike and Torya ask each other who they think is the asshole in the entire situation, and they both agree it is the sister. The sister also exposed the fertility issues. 

Mike and Torya discuss what to say/not say in situations and keeping things private.

Mike talks about compromising, using an example of smoking and no smoking areas. You ‘meet in the middle

Torya describes another ‘Am I the asshole’ scene. The post is ‘ Am I an asshole because I ate an entire cake to myself in one day’. Torya explains the scenario. Mike says the wife is definitely the asshole, and Torya agrees. Mike explains why.

Mike and Torya laugh as Torya made Mike a cake for his birthday and they relate the scenario back to their relationship. 

Torya tells the man to find another wife and Mike says they are headed towards divorce. 

Mike talks about kitchen nightmares and Gordon Ramsey having to convince the chef that his food was ‘crap’, and hearing all the employees comments and feedback, it came clear to him. 

Mike talks personally about his opinion of people not answering questions directly. 

Torya tells that sometimes she has to psych herself up for dinner parties sometimes when there are certain people coming.

Mike says we have lying politicians, whiny political parties, and then we have people like these 2 assholes. Mike changes his opinion about the first asshole scenario, he believes the sister was the asshole. 

Mike tells Torya that she is a person who understands that she is doing it for the other person. Mike continues ranting, Torya joins in. 

Mike's point is that he would do whatever he could do to get what she wanted and vice versa. They both do things the other wants to do because the other wants to do it. 

Torya speaks about going to a reptile show that Mike wanted to go to, she didn’t initially want to go but she did it for him and she really enjoyed it. 

Mike says that it is funny that he's super blunt and a lot of his interactions are online, and because he is quite sarcastic there is a new trend to write /s when people are being sarcastic. 

Mike finds it interesting that people dislike him online but fall in love with him in person. 

They are glad they both came to the same conclusion.

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