TNR437: RAD Happened!

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The Nightly Rant Episode 437 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss the word \”rad\” and how it finally happened!

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The Nightly Rant Episode 437 Show Notes

Mike opens the show discussing what he saw at a recent Anaheim Ducks game. He says he saw the word “RAD” on the screen! Rad has happened people! In episode 402, they discussed how Torya was going to make “rad” the word of the year.

Torya explains how it is likely she had nothing to do with “rad” at the game, but that it was still possible to have been her influence.

Mike defends the idea that it was there because of Torya.

They then discuss their NHL allegiances. Mike says that if his kids were not Ducks fans, he’d be a Vegas and Winnipeg fan.

Mike transitions to speaking about POTUS. He explains how Biden called a reporter a “stupid son of a bitch.” Later the POTUS had to call and apologize.

Hypocrisy reigns as both parties took an opposite take on this than they did with the previous administration. 

They then discuss how left-leaning Biden has become.

Mike transitions into a story about a police officer (female) who was forced to quit because she has an Onlyfans. This lady kept it all private. She is now making bank since she no longer has to keep it quiet.

How people make money is nobody’s business according to Mike and Torya.

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