TNR443: Instacart Assault

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The Nightly Rant Episode 443 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss an assault by an Instacart driver.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 443 Show Notes

Mike and Torya are going to Australia. Torya knows the song ‘down under’ but only knows the line down under. Mike and Torya discuss this. Mike asks for anyone to send them a message to tell them the song and they will get a prize, Thought Merch.

Torya is going to see a koala bear and she says she feels like a big tourist. Mike and Torya talk about koalas. Mike’s daughter is getting married so Mike and Torya are going to the wedding. Mike talks about his daughter and how he hasn’t seen her for a while.

Mike loses track of what he is saying. 

Mike and Torya discuss their dinner, buffalo wild wings and chips, and dip. They didn’t have a good experience with the delivery driver. The delivery driver was not nice to Mike and Mike talks about this situation. 

Torya reminisces on a time when she got soda thrown at her head.

Mike saw a joke on social media about gas prices. 

Mike discusses Joe Biden and his actions after being elected, regarding trying to make the US energy dependent but making them more energy-dependent. Mike discusses the States and Russia’s economic war. 

Mike and Torya rant that you can’t trust anyone to do anything, especially Door Dash delivery drivers. 

Mike talks about service professionals being lazy and handling situations wrong. 

Mike talks about delivery fees and honoring the deal with the customer. Torya explains they are not banging on Door Dash, just the service professional handling the situation that happened. This conversation continues.

Mike and Torya discuss what they would do if they were the company. 

Torya talks about the animals sleeping and how it makes her want to go to bed. Yogi is monitoring the language on the show tonight.  

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