TNR455: The Consistency Caucus!

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The Nightly Rant Episode 455 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss their new political party, The Consistency Caucus.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 455 Show Notes

Mike opens the show discussing Roe v Wade. Mike speaks his opinion about it. Torya adds her two cents in parts.

Torya explains an inside joke that calls fetuses ‘parasites’. Mike and Torya continue discussing ‘my body, my choice’. 

The conversation leads to Mars Attacks for a second and then back to Roe v Wade. 

Torya and Mike link the conversation to vaccine mandates. 

They discuss the idea of a political party, the ‘consistency party’, and Mike talks about a new direction for Liberty Revealed. The conversation leads to the political parties and Joe Biden.

They talk about how expensive their move to Las Vegas was. 

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