TNR480: Youth and Politics

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The Nightly Rant Episode 480 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya are joined by Sam Widener, a high school student from Virginia, to discuss politics.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 480 Show Notes

Mike opens the show by speaking about how the United States is busily discussing politics online these days. Torya says she’s been on a social media vacation, so she has no idea.

Mike introduces the guest, Sam Widener. Sam is a high school student from Virginia who is deeply involved in politics.

Mike explains how impressed he is with Sam’s young age and his passion for politics. 

Sam goes on to describe how he got so involved in politics. He discusses the various organizations he has been part of. He explains that he fell in love with politics when watching the primaries.

Sam explains he will attend Liberty University and major in government with a concentration on politics and policy. 

Mike says he believes Sam will be president one day.

Torya and Mike begin a conversation about Mike’s son when he was 17 and the things he was interested in. They explain that Mitchell is very smart, yet wasn’t this into politics like Sam.

Sam explains cancel culture and how it affects the world today. He explains his opinion on the issue.

Torya explains that mental health is a topic she is most passionate about. They discuss this for a little while and Sam explains his views on the topic.

The conversation continues with Sam explaining his take on various topics like the mental health stigma, more on cancel culture, finding common ground and more.

It is just a show you’re going to have to listen to in its entirety. 

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