TNR495: We Got Heated!

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The Nightly Rant Episode 495 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss getting heated.

The Nightly Rant Episode 495 Show Notes

Mike opened the conversation with the topic of the baseball season, which he was excited about. Mike and Torya discussed their weekend, which was filled with activities. They attended a gig of a friend filling in for a guitar player. The band was so good, that they forgot about the rude people at the venue. The drummer was particularly good and should be given his skill level.

They planned to take a lift to the concert, but the app said it would cost $97. They usually used Lyft because it was cheaper, but they also noticed that their problem drivers were always with Uber. They also recalled a time when they had a driver who smoked a joint right before they got in the car.

They discuss their experiences taking Uber and Lyft rides in the past. During holidays, they noticed that the prices would increase drastically. They also had trouble getting drivers during the pandemic. Uber was around 20% more expensive than usual, while Lyft was 500% more expensive. 

On Saturday, they did their usual morning routine with their dogs, giving them extra love since they would be alone for a while.

The conversation transitions to talk about how they had tickets to a baseball game and a football game on the same weekend. They couldn't use the tickets to the football game, so they posted them on Reddit and gave them away for free. The couple then went to their baseball games for the weekend, but one of the games got rained out. To warm up, they then went to a nearby infrared sauna. The couple appreciated the opportunity to give away their tickets, and the person who used them had a great time.



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TNR494: We Got Heated!