TNR496: Douglas J. Dog and the Firehouse Sub!

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The Nightly Rant Episode 496 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss their new rescue dog and an experience trying to buy a sandwich.

The Nightly Rant Episode 496 Show Notes

Mike opens the show by discussing how much they like Firehouse Subs. He subscribed to the emails but usually ignored most of them. However, he opens the Firehouse Subs emails because they often advertise new food items. Recently, they saw an ad for a Triple Deck sandwich that was only available from March 27-April 2. Mike tried to order it through the app, but it wasn't working. So he and Torya decided to go to the store and ask about it. He said they didn't have the sandwich when they asked the employee. Despite seeing the ad, the employee said they did not have it. Mike was confused and saw a poster of the sandwich in the back room.

After further inquiry, Mike realized that the sandwich was made from two other sandwiches already on the store's menu, meaning the ingredients were already available. This revelation caused Mike to find the situation humorous, and they joked about it with their friend. They then talked about their newest friend, Douglas, whom they call Dougie or Doug.

Douglas J. Dog is a 20-pound terrier-poodle mix who is very affectionate and loves to be petted. He was rescued from a shelter, and his owners immediately noticed that he seemed grateful for their kindness and was affectionate. They were curious if he was only being affectionate because they rescued him or if this was his true personality. To find out, they invited a friend over. Doug immediately climbed into her lap and leaned on her. She expressed a desire to take him home with her, proving that Doug's affection was genuine and not only because he was rescued.


0:01:57 Summary of Firehouse Subs Experience

0:03:54 Conversation between Mike and Torya Regarding Humorous New Friend Douglas J Dog

0:07:39 Conversation Summary: Understanding Our Foster Dog's Personality and Behavior

0:11:50 Conversation Summary: Bonding with a New Dog and Health Updates

0:13:30 Conversation Summary: Taking Care of a Sick Dog

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