TNR498: Sadia Carone Sings About Dicks

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The Nightly Rant Episode 498 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya speak with special guest, stand up comic, Sadia Carone.

The Nightly Rant Episode 498 Show Notes

Mike opens the show by discussing a concert they'd bought tickets for months ago,

They discussed how they used a Puddle of Mudd playlist while in Australia.

Mike then talks about how they listened to that playlist for 7 hours of driving and how he grew a love for the band's music.

He then reveals that he found an ad for Puddle of Mud at the Brooklyn Bowl and the Link Promenade and was surprised that tickets were only $30.

They discuss how most bands, even completely has been bands, charge a fortune for tickets in Vegas.

They transition to discussing their experience at the Puddle of Mudd concert.

They were in the second row. It was exciting!

When the singer came out, they noticed that he was wearing a beanie, despite the hot temperature, and that he was very drunk and struggling to remember the lyrics of the songs.

They closed up by discussing an altercation Torya had while at the concert.


0:00:15 Puddle of Mudd Concert at Brooklyn Bowl and Link Promenade

0:02:53 Conversation Regarding Ticket Price for Las Vegas Concert

0:04:22 Summary of Puddle of Mudd Concert

0:05:56 Experiencing a Puddle of Mudd Concert

0:07:49 “Analysis of a Failed Concert Performance”

0:11:17 Conversation Regarding Saliva's Cancelled Performance at Brooklyn Bowl

0:12:37 Conversation Summary: Dealing with Unprofessional Venues and Unruly Concertgoers

0:14:19 Conversation on Public Etiquette and Respect

0:19:16 Conversation Summary: Dealing with an Unruly Concertgoer

0:21:18 Conversation on Choosing Battles and Holding Ground

0:22:57 Heading: The Nightly Rant: Experiencing a Crazy Lady at a Concert

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