TNR509: The Titanic and Las Vegas Police

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The Nightly Rant Episode 509 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss the Titanic as well as the lack of traffic enforcement by the Las Vegas Police.

The Nightly Rant Episode 509 Show Notes

Today, we want to discuss a movie that our host, Mike, absolutely refuses to watch a second time – Titanic. According to him, it's the worst movie he's ever seen, and he finds it to be a dumb movie that tries too hard to be creative with the story. But that's not all, we also touch upon the recent incident at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, where a man went on a rampage, throwing furniture and other items out of a hotel window. This incident raises questions about law enforcement and the overall state of society. So, let's dive into these topics and explore them from a sarcastic point of view.

The Titanic: A Movie Mike Will Never Watch Again

Mike starts off the discussion by expressing his disdain for the movie Titanic. He firmly states, “I will never watch the Titanic a second time. No, not going to happen. Worst movie I've ever seen. Terrible movie.” He goes on to criticize the movie for its attempt at creative storytelling, calling it a “dumb movie.” Mike also mentions the infamous submarine created by a group of people who wanted to explore the wreckage of the Titanic. He sarcastically remarks, “Then go where it's supposed to go and tell people what you got to tell them, because I don't know the damn story.” This leads to a brief discussion about scuba diving and the dangers of exploring the depths of the ocean.

The Recent Incident at Caesar's Palace

The conversation takes a dark turn as Mike brings up the recent incident at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. He describes how a man barricaded himself in a hotel room and proceeded to throw furniture and other items out of the window, causing chaos in the pool area below. Torya expresses her disbelief at the man's actions and questions why he would draw attention to himself in such a way. They discuss the potential danger posed to people in the pool area and the lack of care shown by the man. Mike mentions that the man's credit card will likely be charged for the damages caused, adding another layer of consequences to his reckless behavior.

Law Enforcement and Society

The discussion then shifts to law enforcement and its role in society. Torya expresses her frustration with the police's failure to enforce traffic rules, citing an incident where a driver ran a red light right in front of a police officer without any consequences. She argues that the lack of enforcement leads to anarchy and a disregard for the law. Mike agrees, stating that the purpose of enforcing laws is not to prevent people from breaking them, but to make them think twice before doing so. They both criticize the media for often portraying the police in a negative light, despite the hard work and training they undergo. Torya acknowledges that there are some bad apples in every profession, but overall, she believes that the police in Las Vegas are well-trained and do a good job.

The State of Society

The hosts reflect on the state of society and the prevalence of violent crimes in Las Vegas. They discuss how crimes in the city tend to be more extreme, with perpetrators going all-in rather than engaging in petty crimes. They mention a recent incident where a fender bender escalated into a shooting, highlighting the senseless violence that can occur. Torya expresses her anger and frustration at such acts, questioning the motives behind them. She concludes by stating that she takes calculated risks when going out in public, understanding that there is always a level of danger present.

0:00:15Introduction to the show and topic of the day
0:01:13Discussion about not watching Titanic a second time
0:02:01Mention of a submarine related to the Titanic
0:03:01Fear of going on a submarine ride at Disneyland
0:04:47Discussion about the recent incident with the Titanic submersible
0:07:11Joking about the recent incident at Caesar's Palace
0:08:18Description of the incident at Caesar's Palace
0:09:09Wondering why the person threw items out the window
0:10:09Mention of the police force in Las Vegas
0:10:32Criticism of the police's enforcement of traffic rules
0:11:02Driving incident and lack of enforcement of traffic rules
0:11:58Disrespectful behavior of Las Vegas drivers
0:12:59Discussion on the incident of throwing items out of a hotel window
0:13:31Speculation on who will pay for the damages caused
0:16:02Calculating the risk of being in public
0:17:15Humorous discussion on police officers' gear and pants
0:18:38Criticism of police not enforcing basic traffic laws
0:19:18High level of violent crime in Las Vegas
0:20:09Media reporting on crime incidents in the area
0:20:23Discussion on a recent road rage incident near their house
0:20:23Accident misrepresented in news report
0:21:03Shooter's irrational response to accident
0:21:30Ran out of energy and beverages
0:21:36Conclusion of the nightly rant
0:21:39Request for a five-star rating
0:21:46End of podcast production

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