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The Nightly Rant Episode 517 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss social media conversations gone wrong.

The Nightly Rant Episode 517 Show Notes

The Nightly Rant: Examining Society from a Sarcastic Point of View

Welcome to The Nightly Rant with your hosts, Mike and Torya. In this show, we take a sarcastic look at society and dive into various topics that provoke thought and conversation. Today, we want to discuss the importance of being prepared to answer questions and engage in meaningful dialogue when expressing opinions publicly. We believe that adults should act like adults and handle disagreements in a mature manner. Let's dive into the details.

The Importance of Being Prepared to Answer Questions

Mike: “People in general should not ask questions unless they're prepared to hear any answer.”

Torya: “I'll take what you just said a step further to also include stating your opinion publicly.”

Mike: “If you state your opinion publicly on something, then you need to be prepared to answer questions. Some people are going to be confused. You put your opinion out there that that is influential. It means something. I don't care who you are. Be prepared to answer questions. That's all.”

Torya: “Influences at least one other person in the universe.”

Mike: “Be prepared to answer questions. That's all I ask. Is that bad?”

Torya: “Well, why are you asking the questions? What is your goal with asking people questions about their opinion?”

Mike: “To understand their viewpoint on that issue.”

Torya: “Because to tell them how wrong they are, that they're dumb or that their opinion is factually incorrect. No.”

Mike: “In fact, usually these days especially, I will say your opinion is completely valid, but it isn't one that I completely connect with because I don't understand this aspect.”

Torya: “Can you explain?”

Mike: “And I blah out whatever the question is and then they attempt to answer. And most times they don't even attempt to answer because they don't care. They just growl back at you and it's like, no, I was truly trying to understand where you were coming from.”

Torya: “Well, then if your intention is to just understand, then no, right, you're not doing it.”

Mike: “Exactly. There's nothing wrong. Then if your intention is to drag them into a trap and then pounce on them and beat them to death, yeah, that'd be pretty wrong.”

Torya: “Or at least mean and nasty. Sure.”

Mike: “Which is wrong sometimes.”

Torya: “It's fun.”

Mike: “Well, it can be. I won't lie. It can be.”

Torya: “Especially when somebody has a really obscure and ridiculous and factually incorrect opinion. But I digress. We don't need to go there.”

Mike: “Well, yeah, and why can't somebody disagree about that and not make it be such a big deal? I mean, come on, there's a specific incident in my head. And the minuteness of the topic, if you think about it, it was like less than a grain of sand in the grand scheme of everything. Right?”

Torya: “We've had disagreements about things way bigger than that and laughing together about something else five minutes later.”

Mike: “Nothing. That's like nothing. That's what I'm trying to say. It's like fart dust is a bigger deal than that.”

Torya: “Fart dust pretty bad.”

Mike: “And yet people who are allegedly adults make it about them and, oh, we need to quit the friendship. And that's literally what people do these days. Grown ass adults. Yeah, grown ass adults just leave and don't talk to you anymore. They don't have even the balls to say I'm going to say it. They don't even have the balls to say, fuck you.”

Torya: “Wow.”

Mike: “They don't have the balls to say anything. Yes, I'm the reason never for the E. It's always all me now.”

Torya: “I feel like all the words are fair game, though.”

Mike: “But here's the thing. It's like they don't even have the guts to say goodbye. Like, I'm done. That's a woosy move. I mean, those are the kind of people that disappear from their family, too. No BS.”

Torya: “I had a great idea earlier, and I was thinking that it'd be great if society would just chew up these cocksucking assholes that you're describing. The people who don't function as part of society because they're just too fucking wrapped up in their own self.”

Mike: “Yeah, they're not adults.”

Torya: “Chew them up and shit them out into outer space using the Earth's giant rectum. Yeah, the Earth is going to grow a giant rectum and it needs to shit these people out because they're destroying.”

Mike: “The world in many senses of the word. Yes, they are.”

Torya: “They're the most hostile people yet. They're the people who will call everybody else hostile.”

Mike: “Well, and that's the thing. There's also this issue where adults can't be adults, they just can't. Like we're talking about ghosting. That's not an adult move ghosting people. That's a little baby's move ghosting.”

Torya: “Right?”

Mike: “Oh, where's your friend Johnny? Oh, I don't talk to him anymore. It's what the little kid does. It's not what an adult does.”

Torya: “Right? And then there's poor Johnny crying in the corner because he doesn't know why nobody likes him. And also, Johnny will continue to be an asshole for the rest of Johnny's life because nobody has ever told him why they don't like him.”

Mike: “Which in my opinion, makes you the asshole for not pointing it out to.”

Torya: “Right?”

Mike: “I mean, if you pointed it out to him and he continued down the pathway, you pointed it out to him, and he gets to continue down the pathway if he wants to.”

Torya: “You've got to tell people how you feel about things. You know, it's interesting. When I was in Canada, not this most recent time, but the time before, I was hanging out with Alicia, you know, how she has miniature humans. Well, the boy miniature human punched the girl miniature human. And she came screaming and crying to know kid stuff. And Alicia told her that she needed to go tell miniature boy human how it made her feel so that he would apologize to her.”

Torya: “And she did, and he apologized and then gave her a hug for a five year old. People. Yeah.”

Mike: “And, you know, the honest truth is there's no reason whatsoever for someone to act like everything's okay when there are obvious signals that everything's not okay. There's no reason for anyone to ever do that to anybody. That's why I think we talk about this all the time. Our relationship works because it takes you longer than me to get there, but we tell each other, well, that bothered me when that happened.”

Torya: “I know that I'm a little bit irrational. Okay, whatever. Don't even no commenting. Not allowed. I know that I'm a little bit irrational, and sometimes I don't know if I'm actually annoyed with you or if I'm being crazy, so I need to take some time to decipher if I am being crazy.”

Mike: “But see but that's fair, because that means instead of that even makes you even more reasonable, because instead of putting our relationship through a roller coaster of crap, you take the time to filter it yourself. Here's the thing, though. A lot of people would bitch at you for that, but I commend you for it because you still come forward with the issues to get them fixed. You do.”

Torya: “Think about it. You're doing something that's annoying the crap out of me. Okay? Not right now. This is a hypothetical you are doing something.”

Mike: “Well, it's a hypothetical reality. It happens.”

Torya: “Yeah. Anyway, I could say something right then when you're being annoying in my hyper irrational, super annoyed state sure. Which what would happen bad?”

Mike: “Let's just say doom would ensue. Always.”

Torya: “Nobody needs that. Or I could stew quietly about it for a while and then come back to it the next day when I'm not crazy and decide if I was actually annoyed with you or not. And then if I was actually annoyed with you, I could be like, hey, Mike, you did this thing. Please don't do it again.”

Mike: “Yeah, you know what, though? I obviously am the same person as you, so I obviously approach that same issue the same way as you. And I, though, have one time only with you, followed the completely reasonable give her the benefit of the doubt approach. I've done it many times, but once and only once did I regret doing it. And you did something like you had a comeback of, like I can't even remember the comeback at this point, but it was really this really sassy.”

Mike: “You didn't deny that you were doing something and that it would have bothered me. You didn't deny that at all, but instead, you just sort of ignored it. And went like, what about this? And it's like, wow, man. That isn't how we're supposed to deal with each other. We're supposed to deal with each other face to face. We're not supposed to try to duck around one another. And that's how that felt, right?”

Torya: “That's why everybody has to calm down.”

Mike: “Before issues should be correct. Exactly. And that's the thing. There's times when you do have to wait, and there's times when you should take time to think about things. And I think it's more adult like to wait rather than overreact. However, I'm going to say something different. One last thing. When someone does that to you, they overreact. It's best for you to quote overreact back and protect yourself. That's what I think.”

Torya: “Well, because then you're going to get the whole thing out of the way right there, instead of you stewing that I overreacted and making it a fight the next day and the next day and the next day. I agree with you. If one person has already gone off the deep end, well, you might as well just have the knockdown drag out fight right there. Just get it over with.”

Mike: “I think we agree with that. And it's healthy. That's the healthy way, and we act like adults about it. And that's the key thing, though. You have to be able to speak your mind without the other person getting offended. And honestly, I think a big thing that most adults just don't have any longer than they used to is the ability to separate things. Just because you're not the most empathetic person in the world doesn't mean you're stupid.”

Torya: “Yeah, that's what I was going to say before you had something else you had to say. If I didn't take the minute to calm myself or minute or hours or six days, whatever is necessary, all arguments I had with everybody would be like, my fight with the Sam's Club lady where I called them an idiot and.”

Mike: “They walked wasn't your that wasn't your proudest moment.”

Torya: “Or my slight disagreement with that soccer mom that one time that I won't repeat.”

Mike: “Well, what's funny about that? What's funny about that is both of those situations turned out okay in the end, but they had the potential not to be. But here's the thing. By us being reasonable people, 98.5% of the time, you can get away with a slip up like that. And the rest of the people are like, in particular the soccer incident, the rest of the parents, you were like, oh, I'm so sorry that I said that in front of you. And they're like, Are you kidding? I would have said worse to her.”

Mike: “She deserved what you said. And then everyone that was literally the opinion, they would be like, oh, I would have said worse. Oh, she deserved it. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Not a single person sided with the other person. Not a single person. Now, here's the thing. We still set our apologies to everybody. To everybody.”

Torya: “Even though the person I exactly.”

Mike: “Even though they supported us, we still apologized.”

Torya: “Well, to be fair, I used the worst word Americans can possibly use in front of, like, twelve year old children.”

Mike: “Well, the twelve year old children were out on the soccer field, though Mitchell.”

Torya: “Said he heard it.”

Mike: “Well, it is what it is, man. You did apologize.”

Torya: “That's what I felt like I needed.”

Mike: “But you apologized. You did. To everybody. And yet the point is, they were supportive of us because we had always been reasonable people. We didn't yell and scream on the sidelines at our kid, at the referee. We didn't do that stuff. We sat there and we cheered.”

Torya: “Called the referee a sight.”

Mike: “We talked to each other.”

Torya: “Only when you were egged on by other groups of people, though, too.”

Mike: “We would just talk to each other and ignore everyone. I mean, that's just how we handled things. And so it's sort of annoying that people go down roads that they don't even bother to think about. Well, are they the type of people that would act that way?”

Torya: “So can we officially shoot these hyper aggressive snowflake motherfuckers into space?”

Mike: “Yeah, with the rectum. You said this already, and I fully agree with you.”

Torya: “Well, I need to know if other.”

Mike: “People.”

Torya: “We're not feeding the rectum Taco Bell.”

Mike: “Both of those are going to make a great audio club. That's the little shorty. Munch, munch, munch kapow. And we're not feeding in Taco Bell. Just wow. All right. Well, I think we have beaten this topic to death. I didn't even expect us to talk about it for this long. Here's what I want to kind of close up with tomorrow, which is the day after we record this, which will be weeks from the time you hear it.”

Mike: “We are getting involved in our very first official sporting event together. We are going to play fantasy hockey with the rest of our family. Yes, we are. And we suck at this for my ultimate failure. We're going to learn this quick. So with that, that is all I've got for you people.”

Torya: “Good night, everyone.”

Mike: “Hasta La Bye bye.”

Conclusion and Future Outlook

In this episode of The Nightly Rant, Mike and Torya discuss the importance of being prepared to answer questions and engage in meaningful dialogue when expressing opinions publicly. They emphasize the need for adults to act like adults and handle disagreements in a mature manner. The hosts share personal anecdotes and observations to highlight the negative consequences of ghosting and avoiding confrontation.

The conversation delves into the significance of open communication and the ability to separate personal opinions from personal attacks. Mike and Torya stress the importance of understanding different viewpoints and seeking clarification rather than resorting to hostility. 

They also touch upon the need for self-reflection and taking the time to assess one's own emotions before engaging in discussions.

The hosts conclude the episode by announcing their participation in a fantasy hockey league, highlighting the importance of learning new skills and embracing new experiences. They encourage listeners to approach disagreements with maturity and respect, fostering a culture of open dialogue and understanding.

Moving forward, it is crucial for individuals to recognize the impact of their words and opinions on others. By being prepared to answer questions and engage in meaningful conversations, adults can foster a more inclusive and understanding society. The Nightly Rant serves as a reminder that communication is key, and it is essential to approach disagreements with empathy and respect.

0:00:15Introduction to the podcast and topic of the day
0:01:34Importance of being prepared to answer questions when stating opinions
0:03:34Adults making small disagreements a big deal
0:05:02Criticism of people who ghost others without explanation
0:06:34Society's inability to handle conflicts maturely
0:08:25The importance of open communication in a relationship
0:09:11The need to address issues face-to-face rather than avoiding them
0:10:59Reacting to overreactions to protect oneself
0:11:46Having a knockdown drag out fight to resolve conflicts
0:12:22Lack of empathy and offense to criticism of empathy
0:12:27Torya talks about needing time to calm herself before arguments
0:12:55C mentions the soccer incident and how it turned out okay
0:13:48They discuss apologizing to everyone involved in the incident
0:14:11C talks about how they were always reasonable people
0:14:54Torya suggests shooting hyper aggressive people into space
0:15:55They mention their upcoming fantasy hockey event
0:16:22Closing remarks
0:31:54Mike thanks listeners and asks for a rating
0:32:06End of transcript

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