TNR522: HF1, Mr Olympia and Irrational People!

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The Nightly Rant Episode 522 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss Formula 1, Mr. Olympia and Irrational People.

The Nightly Rant Episode 522 Show Notes


  • Mike and Torya discuss their annoyance with the noise from planes flying overhead from the air force base near their home. They debate whether the planes are on the lookout for something and express frustration with the construction and traffic caused by the Formula One race in Las Vegas. They also touch on the controversy surrounding the Mr. Olympia contest and the accusations of racism against the judges. The hosts emphasize the importance of making informed decisions and avoiding illegal activities like drinking and driving.

Key Takeaways:

  • Noise from planes flying overhead can be annoying, but it's important to consider the reasons behind their presence.
  • The construction and traffic caused by events like the Formula One race can be frustrating, but it's essential to manage these projects effectively.
  • Accusations of racism should be based on evidence and not assumptions, especially in competitions like the Mr. Olympia contest.
  • Making informed decisions and avoiding illegal activities like drinking and driving are crucial for personal safety and the well-being of others.


  • “They don't listen to me complain. If they did, they wouldn't be flying over me.” – C
  • “They were here first.” – Torya
  • “They should have paused the 987 bazillion other construction projects they have around the city and focused on this one.” – Torya
  • “The judges are racist.” – Accusation made by some individuals regarding the Mr. Olympia contest
  • “Don't put your opinion out there if you don't expect someone to respond to it.” – C
  • “Bad decisions are defined as breaking the law.” – C
[0:00:15]Introduction to the show and topic of the day
[0:01:13]Discussion about the annoyance of planes flying overhead
[0:03:07]Mention of Formula One race coming to Las Vegas
[0:04:09]Criticism of the mismanagement of construction for the race
[0:05:29]Debate about the impact of Formula One on tourism
[0:07:01]Complaints about repaving in Las Vegas
[0:07:52]Mocking of a tourist's complaint about traffic
[0:09:19]Discussion about Las Vegas not being a family-friendly destination
[0:09:59]Mention of a comment about the target audience for Las Vegas
[0:10:19]General observation about people's behavior on social media
[0:11:11]Derek Lunsford winning Mr. Olympia and accusations of racism
[0:12:12]Discussion about the nationality of the champion
[0:12:50]People believing disproven claims and refusing to change their minds
[0:13:43]Importance of not expecting immediate agreement
[0:14:22]Mr. Olympia coming back to Las Vegas
[0:15:12]Decisions not being inherently bad unless they break the law
[0:15:49]Drinking and driving as a bad decision
[0:16:01]Discussion about impaired driving
[0:16:11]Mention of a recovered dog
[0:16:15]Conclusion and closing remarks

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TNR522: F1, Mr Olympia and Irrational People!