TNR539: The Unexpected Twists of Virtual Dating and Relationships

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The Nightly Rant Episode 539 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya are joined by Kurt Sasso to discuss dating and relationships.

The Nightly Rant Episode 539 Show Notes

Crafting Connections Through Candid Conversations: Insights from ‘The Nightly Rant' with Mike and Torya

Amid the din of modern media, finding authentic voices that resonate with sincerity can feel like a search for a needle in a haystack. Yet, there are those rare instances where the dialogue cuts through the noise, providing entertainment and insightful reflections on society, creativity, and personal relationships. Mike and Torya, of ‘The Nightly Rant', have mastered this art of genuine conversation, and their recent episode with guest Kurt Sasso, host of ‘Two Geeks Talking', is no exception.

Key Takeaways:

  • The surprising realities of long-running shows and the perseverance behind their success.
  • Navigating social expectations and relationship dynamics in the context of financial responsibilities.
  • The role of sports as a cultural touchstone and the personal connections it fosters among enthusiasts.

The Art of Persistence in Passion Projects

The world is replete with podcasts aiming to carve their niche in an oversaturated market, yet few achieve the longevity distinguishing a remarkable show from a fleeting one. Mike acknowledges Kurt's impressive 15-year run with ‘Two Geeks Talking', a feat revealing dedication and a persistent zeal for one's craft. As Kurt humbly underscores, “It's not for lack of trying. It's for persistence and stubbornness, I guess.”

The broader implication of this exchange lies not merely in its testament to tenacity but speaks to a deeper resonance within the creative industries. Success often demands more than talent; it necessitates a stubborn refusal to surrender to the ebb and flow of popularity and adversity.

Unspoken Social Contracts: Relationships and Financial Expectations

The evening's discourse takes a sharpened turn as Torya narrates a Reddit-based query: “Am I the asshole for dumping my girlfriend after she expected me to pay for everyone on her birthday?” This introduction of a moral dilemma within a relationship unexpectedly steers the conversation into the treacherous terrain of societal norms and expectations.

Kurt's brutal honesty — “Sounds like he dodged a bullet” — strips the issue down to its core. This incident goes beyond a simple financial faux pas to reveal deep-seated presumptions about gender roles and economic obligations within relationships. Dissecting this topic further, the panel acknowledges the importance of communication and mutual understanding. As Mike suggests, it's prudent for friends and family to clarify boundaries and expectations, especially concerning financial matters.

Sports as a Unifying Force and Personal Passion

Sport, in all its glory, hails as a staple theme for many worldwide, and Kurt's enthusiastic portrayal of his allegiances swiftly captures the essence of fan devotion. With a listing preference of sports to watch and play, the adaptability of sports-related happiness becomes apparent.

The collective discussion commemorates athletic endeavors and nods to the shared experiences and connections that sports engender. The collective local pride over the Las Vegas Knights or the anticipation of the A's becoming the Las Vegas A's transcend mere fandom; they symbolize community identity and personal milestones.

0:00:15Introduction to the show and topic
0:01:10Kurt introduces himself and his show
0:02:53Kurt discusses his interview process and experiences
0:04:45Discussion transitions to the “Am I the Asshole” scenario
0:05:18OP describes his girlfriend's birthday dinner situation
0:07:51OP questions if he is the asshole for breaking up with his girlfriend
0:08:47Kurt gives his opinion on the situation
0:09:14Mike shares a similar situation with family
0:10:35Discussion on dodging a bullet and the girlfriend's behavior
0:11:12Closing remarks and end of the conversation
0:10:53Kurt questions the cost of the dinner and compares it to a wedding.
0:11:15Torya mentions that the friends ordered expensive items on the menu.
0:11:31Mike comments on the expensive cost of the dinner.
0:12:08Kurt suggests that the man should have invited his own friends.
0:12:32Mike is proud of the man for not caving in to the demands.
0:13:00Torya shares that the post has no resolution yet.
0:13:03Mike asks about the comments on the post.
0:13:35Torya mentions that people agree with their perspective.
0:14:00Mike suggests discussing affordability before accepting an invitation.
0:14:31Kurt jokes about his lactose intolerance and mentions his love for Cheesecake Factory.
0:15:16Torya talks about a Canadian restaurant similar to Cheesecake Factory.
0:15:36Kurt discusses his Canadian accent and regional influences.
0:17:06Kurt and Torya talk about spotting Canadian license plates in Vegas.
0:17:26Mike asks about an exciting episode of Kurt's show.
0:18:15Kurt mentions interviewing a director from Japan and a Hollywood producer with a unique story.
0:19:06Mike shares his experience with unexpected guests on his tech show.
0:20:12Kurt discusses the excitement of discovering new aspects during interviews.
0:20:50Mike talks about his interview style and playing off the guest's responses.
0:21:07Kurt mentions interviewing famous guests on his show.
0:21:39Importance of asking questions organically and paying attention to details
0:22:04Guest wearing a banana suit on the show
0:22:29Discussion about sports preferences: hockey, baseball, football, basketball
0:24:09Kurt's experience in playing golf, football, and martial arts
0:24:41Loyalty to all Detroit teams despite their performance
0:25:24Mike's disappointment with the XFL football team and their lack of communication
0:27:48Kurt's frustration with Detroit teams and conspiracy theories
0:29:21Discussion about the potential move of the Oakland A's to Las Vegas
0:30:47Conversation about the Boston Red Sox and their World Series win
0:31:14Mention of the Cleveland Guardians and Chicago Cubs winning the World Series
0:31:27Detroit Tigers' long World Series drought
0:31:47Mike's involvement in fantasy hockey and baseball with his kids
0:31:57Mike shares about finding classic moments in baseball history on YouTube and wanting his kids to see the beautiful moments from the sport.
0:32:31Mike mentions watching old baseball videos that are funny to watch due to their grainy quality.
0:32:42Kurt suggests showing the Gibson 84 home run against San Diego to Mike's kids.
0:33:13Mike acknowledges Kurt's suggestion and mentions it being the first time a player had won both the American League and National League with a home run in the World Series.
0:33:28Mike asks Kurt to share where people can find him and his show.
0:34:00Kurt provides various websites where people can find him and his show, including,, and
0:34:09Kurt concludes by saying that everyone has a story to tell and thanks for listening to Two Geeks Talking.
0:34:15Torya says goodbye to everyone.
0:34:22Mike thanks listeners and asks for a five-star rating if they enjoyed the show.
0:34:27Torya mentions that the podcast is produced by Yogis's Podcast Network.
TNR539: The Unexpected Twists of Virtual Dating and Relationships