TNR62:See something, say something

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The Nightly Rant Episode 62 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss the one positive coming from the Parkland, FL shootings is that kids are now reporting threats they used to ignore and this will make the schools much safer.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 62 Show Notes

It was one of those days (0:40)

RIP cable TV box (1:09)

One positive from the Parkland, FL shooting rampage is that kids are reporting things they hear now (3:35)

Are there more threats now or are more threats being reported? (4:15)

Tabor school shooting was 8 days after Columbine (6:45)

The kids are done laughing off threats (8:01)

If you knew something and did nothing about it, it is all on your shoulders (9:58)

Mike's experience with emotional and mental breakdowns (12:35)

The pragmatic approach (14:40)

Mike hopes the younger generation will change the world for the better ( 16:36)

A month ago the government wanted Tide to change the look of the Tide pods so 16 year old kids wouldn't eat them and now they want those same kids to take the lead on gun control legislation (17:52)

Mike is hopeful that the kids will continue to go down this positive path and right the ship (19:00)

We tend to go left then right in the political world and it is bad for the country (20:00)

Most people are dumb sometimes and stupid other times (22:30)

How is Torya doing on her goals for February (23:38)

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